‘Cyber security is everyone’s business’


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“Cyber security is everyone’s business,” says Dr. Eman El-Sheikh, Director of the Center for Cybersecurity at the University of West Florida, on the latest edition of the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line.

“Our vision is driven by understanding and recognition that cybersecurity affects each and every one of us and it needs to be everyone’s business. We’re no longer in a world where we can identify one member of the organization and say ‘you’re the security guru, you need to handle it,’” said Dr. El-Sheikh. “So, given that vision, we’ve started with our K-12 outreach effort, looking at how we can enhance cybersecurity awareness and interest starting with kindergarten, elementary school and beyond.”

The Center for Cybersecurity at the University of West Florida is the only institution in the Florida that receives federal funding from the National Security Agency to run the GenCyber Program, summer camps designed for students K-12 to increase interest in cyber security.


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Florida Chamber Foundation to Recognize Town of Century for their Commitment to Regional Economic Development

CONTACT: Tracey Lowe, 850-521-1226


Six Pillars Framework Used for Strategic Community Vision

TALLAHASSEE, FL. (October 17, 2014) – The Town of Century will be honored with a Six Pillars Award on Monday, October 20, the Florida Chamber Foundation announced today. The award will be presented for the completion of the Century Town strategic plan to help their community create jobs and opportunities for business and families. The presentation will take place during the Town Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Century Town Hall.

“We are strategically positioning the Town of Century to become a model community for how to recognize the benefits and opportunities available within a rural community,” said Dr. Brice Harris, Director of Strategic Initiatives with the Office of Economic Development and Co-Director of the Haas Center for Business Research & Economic Development at the University of West Florida. “The Six Pillars Community designation establishes the Town of Century as a leader in this region and I believe our efforts will result in a stronger economy and better quality of life for our residents.”

The Florida Chamber Foundation Six Pillars framework serves as an organizing force for strategic planning at local, regional and state levels. Its real power is in the efficiency of harnessing fragmented viewpoints into a common and consistent conversation.

The Town of Century Six Pillars plan includes a number of strategic goals, including:

  • Leading the region in rural economic competitiveness and rural community revitalization, and
    Proactively leading the region in the development and delivery of innovative and relevant workforce training programs.

“I am pleased to welcome the Town of Century as the newest Six Pillars Community,” said Bentina Terry, Vice President, Customer Service & Sales Gulf Power and Chair of the Florida Chamber Foundation. “Their commitment to improving their economic competitiveness in all areas of the six pillars framework will not only benefit this region but will add their vision to the work of other communities throughout Florida.”
To view the comprehensive Six Pillars Community plan, visit the Haas Center at http://haas.uwf.edu/, under the projects tab in the homepage.






The Florida Chamber Foundation is the business-led, solutions development and research organization working in partnership with state business leaders to secure Florida’s future. The Foundation’s “Six Pillars” serve as a visioning platform for developing the first-ever, long-term strategic plan for the state. The Foundation’s work focuses on: 1) Talent Supply and Education, 2) Innovation and Economic Development, 3) Infrastructure and Growth Leadership, 4) Business Climate and Competitiveness, 5) Civic and Governance Systems, and 6) Quality of Life and Quality Places. Founded in 1968, the Foundation is a crucial voice for improving the state’s pro-business climate to enable Florida to grow and prosper. For more information, visit www.FLFoundation.org.