Florida Chamber Announces Representative Jim Boyd Named a 2017 Distinguished Advocates


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The Florida Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Representative Jim Boyd is one of the Florida Chamber’s 2017 Distinguished Advocates for his commitment to championing pro-jobs, pro-business legislation.

The Florida Chamber’s Distinguished Advocate award recognizes lawmakers who fought tirelessly for the passage of pro-business legislation – no matter how difficult – and furthered the Florida Chamber’s goals of securing Florida’s future through job creation and economic development.

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“Representative Jim Boyd led efforts to reduce the business rent tax, increase the research and development tax credit and provide further tax relief for Florida families and businesses,” said DAVID HART, Executive Vice President of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.


“Thank you, Florida Chamber of Commerce! I am honored by this thoughtful recognition. My legislative goals are pretty simple, put money back in the pockets of hardworking Florida families and businesses; and with strong advocates like the Florida Chamber and a conservative team of policy makers, we have accomplished that goal,” REPRESENTATIVE BOYD said.


Florida Chamber Applauds Signing of Tax Relief Bill

Florida Chamber of Commerce Applauds Governor Scott for Signing Bill Lowering Taxes on Job Creators and Families; Targeted Tax Reform Bill Will Reduce Florida-Only Business Rent Tax & Provide Sales Tax Relief for Families

The Florida Chamber of Commerce today applauds Florida Governor Rick Scott for lowering taxes on job creators and families by signing HB 7109, sponsored by Representative Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton) and Senator Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland), into law. This Florida Chamber-backed bill takes a major step toward addressing much-needed targeted tax reforms, including a reduction of the Florida-only business rent tax – saving job creators approximately $61 million, and a further increase in the oversubscribed R&D tax credit for innovators.

Florida Governor Rick Scott signs HB 7109 into law in Boca Raton, FL


“The signing of this year’s tax package marks the first step in what we hope will be the eventual complete elimination of the business rent tax,” said FRANK WALKER, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “With his signature today, Governor Rick Scott once again demonstrated his commitment to reducing the tax burden on Florida families and local businesses.

This Targeted Tax Reform Bill Will:

  • Reduce the cost to lease business space, allowing businesses to reinvest the savings and hire additional employees, provide more employee benefits or strengthen capital,
  • Encourages research and development (R&D) in Florida, spurring innovation, growth and high-wage jobs, and
  • Provides back-to-school and hurricane preparedness sales tax holidays for Florida families.

The Florida Chamber and its Business Rent Tax Coalition have long-encouraged lawmakers to reduce, and eventually phase out, the Florida-only business rent tax and to continue to invest in innovation via the research and development tax credit.

Get Involved:

  • Learn more about the Florida Chamber’s efforts to support targeted tax reform by clicking here.
  • Learn more about the Business Rent Tax Coalition’s fight to reduce the Florida-only business rent tax by clicking here.

Senate Committee Advances Pro-Business Tax Reform Package

The Florida Senate Appropriations Committee today advanced a Florida Chamber-backed tax reform package that supports job growth and strengthens Florida’s economic competitiveness. HB 7109 removes uncompetitive tax policies like the Florida-only business rent tax. The tax package that advanced today includes:

  • A first step in fully repealing the Florida-only business rent tax (a .2 percent reduction),
  • Provides $18 million in available tax credits for qualifying R&D in the 2018 application period, and
  • Tax cuts for families, including a three-day back-to-school sales tax holiday.

The bill now travels to the full Florida Senate for a vote and will also need to pass the House before Friday, the scheduled conclusion of the Legislature’s 60-day session. The Florida Chamber thanks Representative Jim Boyd and Senator Kelli Stargel for their work on this tax package.

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Rep. Jim Boyd Talks House Tax Package, Workers’ Comp

Florida House Tax Package Focuses on What Works for Families and Businesses

“Our tax package is simply a split between families and individuals and homeowners and businesses. Both are important to Florida. The more we can eliminate burdens on businesses, the more they’ll be able to expand and employ, and the more we can eliminate burdens on families, the more they’ll be able to have money to spend for the things that are important for them. I’m excited about our end product,” – REP. JIM BOYD, FLORIDA HOUSE WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN


Watch Rep. Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton), the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, on the latest edition of the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line explaining some of the advantages of the House’s recently passed tax package. The package contains additional homestead exemptions for homeowners, sales tax holidays for families and veterans, R&D tax rollbacks and reductions to the Florida-only business rent tax.

Boyd, who, along with his colleagues in the House, also passed workers’ compensation reform earlier this week, also urged viewers and Florida Chamber members to contact their Senators in advance of Monday’s upcoming workers’ comp discussion and urge them to adopt legislation closer to the House’s.

Be the First to Know

Be among the first to know what passed, what failed, the details of Florida’s newly passed budget, and if lawmakers worked to make Florida more competitive when the Florida Chamber releases its end of session report on Friday, May 5 – the final day of the 2017 Legislative Session. Don’t miss out on this exclusive member service. Email Christi McCray today at christimccray@flchamber.com.

Rep. Jim Boyd Urges Members to “Make Those Calls”

“Make those calls. We still have two weeks in session.”

Representative Jim Boyd (R- Bradenton) House Deputy Majority Leader and Majority Whip

Representative Boyd has led the Florida Chamber-backed charge on economic development in the Florida House with a bill that passed 79-39.

“It was a great effort by many people, first of all,” said Rep. Boyd. “The speaker was instrumental in getting that across the finish line… Between the House, and the Senate and the governor, we all collaborated and came to a bill that we thought was acceptable to all three parties.”

Bills like Rep. Boyd’s economic development bill would help diversify our state’s economy, yet as of now, there are $0 in funding for Enterprise Florida.

“Unfortunately and sadly it’s getting kind of late in the process,” said Rep. Boyd. “In order for something to change it would have to change very quickly because I think all involved would like to have the budget finalized this next week. Calls, if there are any Senators of influence that your members might have that would affect some rethinking on the issue, they need to be made pretty quickly.”

The Florida House started with a $1 billion tax cut package that included many Florida Chamber priorities, like permanently reducing the manufacturing and equipment sales tax, the first step down on the business rent tax plus and increase in the R&D cap. Now, the tax cut package stands at $400 million.

“I’m a little disappointed that we aren’t closer to the number we thought we could get to, especially with regards to the commercial lease sales tax- I think that’s just something we’ve got to eliminate,” said Rep. Boyd. “Sales tax holidays are important to Floridians and to families. $400 million is still a large number in terms of a tax cut when we look at some of the states around the country that are having some serious problems. We’ve come a long way over the years…its nice we can argue if it should be $400 million, $500 billion or a billion. I’m starting to sense that it’ll be closer to where it is now… than the billion that we asked for.”

Upcoming issues in the final days of session include gaming bills, which according to Rep. Boyd, “That’s a big issue all across Florida in a variety of ways. There needs to some finality to that one way or another in terms of what we are going to do.”

Pension reform is also one pending issue awaiting to be taken up by the Senate. But in order to push change, Rep. Boyd calls on Florida Chamber members to get involved.

“Make those calls,” said Rep. Boyd. “We still have two weeks in session. So if your members feel passionate about it as we do, and I believe those members will, that’s something that we really needs to finalize.