Mega-Casinos Are a Bad Bet for Florida

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As talent and a strong workforce quality replace tax incentives as the deciding factor for job creation, quality of life becomes essential. Tomorrow’s talent wants to live in a place where quality of life is second to none.

This means protecting our state against very real dangers like Las Vegas-style casino gambling. Floridians should be cautious of unsubstantiated job growth and economic development offered by mega casinos. Florida cannot afford to bet our economic future on the expansion of gambling or the creation of these destination megacasinos. Las Vegas-style casinos don’t compliment positive, long-term economic development. Instead, they weaken our brand and burden our cities with debt and poverty and wipe out existing forms of commerce.

The Florida Chamber will continue to push for the expansion of high-wage jobs and protect our state’s brand. This means continuing to oppose the expansion of Las Vegasstyle mega casinos. There are countless examples of states that have been lulled into a false sense of economic safety by mega casinos, only to discover their reputation has waned, their high-skilled workers have left or their businesses can no longer afford to do business in their state. Florida continues to top lists as the nation’s premier place to visit, live, work, learn and play. We must continue to focus our attention on growing private sector jobs and keeping an attractive business-friendly economy.

At the Florida Chamber, we will continue to stay strong against continued efforts from around the world, which seek to devour Florida’s economy and family-friendly reputation by expanding Las Vegas-style casino gambling in Florida. By supporting innovation and families over special interest agendas, and working toward goals that help secure Florida’s future, Florida will become more than a “reward for a life well lived somewhere else” and will instead be the number one choice for talent.

Help us protect Florida’s reputation as the best place to visit, live and work by contacting us today and sharing in our fight for a robust free-enterprise system.

Keep Florida Summers Alive- Don’t Bet on Gambling

Local businesses open and filled with customers, children and families enjoying white sand beaches, full hotel rooms- that’s a good summer vacation in Destin. In fact, for many of Florida’s coastal towns that rely on visitors and tourism, that’s a good year. According to Visit Florida, more than 97 million visitors came to our state last year. For Florida, that number signifies jobs, growth and competitiveness, and comes from the multi-faceted efforts of local communities and chambers of commerce, and organizations like the Florida Chamber, Enterprise Florida and VISIT FLORIDA.

But our state hasn’t just garnered attention from visitors around the world- it has also earned a bulls-eye from mega Las Vegas-style casinos seeking to expand into our state.

In Destin, we want to keep Florida summers alive. That’s why we join the Florida Chamber in opposing Las Vegas- style casinos.

Las Vegas-style mega casinos promised once thriving coastal communities a boost to their economies and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. But facts are, as we know, stubborn things. A look at the blighted economy of Atlantic City provides all the insight we need as to why expanding Las Vegas-style casinos in Florida is a bad bet- thousands of jobs lost, millions lost in revenue, countless casinos closing. And in the wake of this downfall? A coastal town that once treasured their summers.

On November 28, 2011, our board of directors passed a resolution opposing the expansion of gambling in Florida.  We stand by that position today.  In November 2013, I was proud to stand before Senate President Don Gaetz and his committee on gaming to express our chamber’s concerns about and opposition to the expansion of gambling in our great state.

We cannot let Florida go the way of Atlantic City. We hope you will join us and the Florida Chamber in opposing the expansion of Las Vegas-style gambling.


Written by Shane A. Moody, CCE, FCCP, President & CEO, Destin Area Chamber of Commerce