Series on Free Enterprise: Mayo Clinic Helping Those Seeking “Hope & Healing”


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Mayo Clinic Helping Those Seeking “Hope & Healing”

In our latest Series on Free Enterprise podcast we sat down with Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, the outgoing CEO of Mayo Clinic of Florida, who was recently selected as the CEO of Mayo Clinic’s nationwide operations.

Dr. Farrugia discussed the impact healthcare innovations have on Florida’s economy and international competitiveness, future innovations at Mayo Clinic, the cost of healthcare, and most importantly the need to raise the standard of care for every patient.

“Mayo [Clinic] is really proud to be part of a vibrant Jacksonville community, we are very focused on the needs of the patients who need us the most,” said Dr. Farrugia “Most patients come to us who seek hope and healing for really complex medical problems and they often come to us after spending months or even years seeking health care elsewhere.”

To listen to the full podcast with Dr. Gianrico Farrugia click below.


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Robotic Medicine Delivers Quality Healthcare and Reduces Costs

Florida Chamber Series on Free Enterprise: Dr. Kevin Barrett

How can robotic healthcare reduce costs? Dr. Kevin Barrett from the Mayo Clinic shares with us how telemedicine is improving care with lower costs and less travel to specialty centers. At Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, emergency room robots are able to evaluate patients with stroke symptoms, as well as review neural imaging scans, all from a distance.

The impact of telemedicine for Florida runs deep:

  • Improved access to subspecialty care,
  • Timely care with less travel to specialty centers, and
  • Lower costs for high quality healthcare.

Click the image below to hear more from the leader of Mayo Clinic’s telestroke program and learn how telemedicine can positively impact Florida.

Watch the Video Now:

Watch the video above and see how Mayo Clinic uses innovation to help secure Florida’s healthcare future.