Wall Street Journal: “Hurricane Irma’s Lawsuit Chasers”

As post-Hurricane Irma recovery continues in many parts of Florida, Syd Kitson, Chair of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, recently shared with readers of the Naples Daily News why he’s proud to be a Floridian.

Yet, as the Wall Street Journal showed us today, “trial lawyers never let a disaster go to waste.”

“Storm-chasing attorneys in Florida” have filed a class-action lawsuit against Florida Power & Light, and are seeking between $2 and $3 billion in damages for allegedly not properly caring for its infrastructure.

As the Wall Street Journal writes, “losing power is no doubt aggravating,” but “by September 19 Florida Power & Light had restored service to 99% of customers affected by the storm that swept the entire Florida Peninsula.”

The editorial also highlights questionable relations between Miami-based MSP Recovery Law, one of the firms who filed the lawsuit, and local government officials. The editorial draws into question the city’s refusal to scale back trees and foliage – which the utility notes were planted too close to power lines, making securing the energy infrastructure challenging – and a local official’s “motivations other than civic virtue for deflecting blame to the utility.”

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Florida’s legal climate ranks among the worst in the country – 46 out of 50 states. Lawsuit abuse costs Florida families about $3,400 every year. Help us fix Florida’s broken legal system. Call me today at 850-521-1235 or email me at cjohnson@flchamber.com.

Eric Silagy Discusses the Importance of International Trade

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The importance of international trade is the topic of discussion on the latest edition of the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line.

Florida Power & Light President and CEO Eric Silagy, a past Florida Chamber chairman and the current chair of the Florida Chamber’s International Business Council, talked about the crucial role played by international trade in growing Florida’s economy.

Silagy said Florida has the right combination of a robust infrastructure, a desirable workforce and a favorable tax environment to attract international business.

“International trade has a huge impact on our state’s economy and employs over 2.5 million people,” ERIC SILAGY said.

“We have a lot of import and export businesses that are here, and our diverse, multicultural economy is terrific for attracting companies who really want to do business overseas but have the ability to headquarter here in a predictable, stable environment and then grow business elsewhere.”


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 The Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line is a web-based program featuring key figures from Florida’s corridors of power. Hosting the conversation with Eric Silagy is Florida Chamber Executive Vice President of Government & Political Relations David Hart.





Did You Know 5.7 Million Children are Expected to Live in Florida by 2030?

The number of Floridians under the age of 18 is projected to grow to 5.7 million by 2030, a 58.2 percent jump from 2000. Many of the jobs of tomorrow are in STEM fields, which means it’s imperative that this growing population develop the right skills needed to compete in a global economy. Florida’s education system is responding by providing more options that prepare students for career and college and forming vital partnerships with businesses and philanthropic organizations to ensure that today’s learners have the skills they need to become tomorrow’s earners.

Next month, Florida’s Commissioner of Education, Pam Stewart, will recognize Duke Energy, Odebrecht USA, PotashCorp and Florida Power & Light Company and other companies for their commitment to fostering student success at the 2015 Commissioner’s Business Recognition Awards. The event will be held in conjunction with the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Education Solutions Summit on June 9, in Tampa.


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