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Why It Matters to Florida

The Florida Chamber supports a consistent federal policy for immigration that protects and compliments Florida’s workforce and growing economy. Immigration reform allows Florida’s international ties in trade to remain strong and provides a valuable population of skilled workers.

With the recent announcement to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the Florida Chamber of Commerce encourages Congress and the administration to work together to quickly find a legislative solution before the program expires. Without a legislative solution 800,000 DACA recipients will lose
their ability to legally work, and study, leaving many Florida employers, workers, and
students without certainty.

Immigration reform provides a way to jump start our economy and create jobs in the United States, recognizing that immigrants are key to the economic success of this country. Florida’s economy also relies heavily on tourism, much of which comes from overseas. Streamlining processes that welcome visitors to Florida will help create a globally competitive state.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

Supporting a consistent federal policy of immigration that avoids undue burden to Florida’s employers and doesn’t harm Florida’s economy will help move our state forward. Florida’s economy depends on strong international relationships for its
trade, manufacturing and agriculture industries. A consistent federal policy will help Florida’s employers avoid undue burdens and costs.

The Fight for Free Enterprise Continues

As a leader of Florida’s business community, we must continue to fight for a system that enables employers to fill the talent gap by taking advantage of all available skilled workers. We must continue to urge Congress to take up and pass comprehensive immigration reform measures that help to grow our economy. By supporting the continuation and expansion of both temporary and permanent visa programs for both highly skilled workers and low skilled workers, we can create a streamlined process for employment-based visas and immigration and border management systems that allow legitimate business and tourist travel across U.S. borders.

Act Now

Join us in supporting reforms that will improve our competitiveness, attract and retain the best talent and the workers we need, secure our borders and keep faith with America’s legacy as an open and welcoming society.

Florida Chamber Supports Smarter Immigration Policy


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There’s a lot going on in Washington, D.C., and one specific area within immigration is the fate of 800,000 children in a program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). I want to share with you a letter of support the Florida Chamber of Commerce has sent to Florida’s Congressional Delegation.


America is the land of opportunity, freedom and earned success.  Diversity is a uniquely American value and it is a privilege to be an American citizen.  We are a nation of laws as well as a nation of immigrants.

With the recent announcement ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the Florida Chamber of Commerce respectfully encourages Congress and the administration to work together to quickly find a legislative solution before the program expires.  Without a legislative solution, 800,000 DACA recipients will lose their ability to work and legally study, and it will leave many Florida employers, workers and students without certainty.

Florida is a proud leader in private-sector job creation as well as forward looking policy decisions. Florida is inextricably connected to the global economy and we are actively growing and securing our future. Florida’s nearly $1 trillion GDP will see private-sector job growth of two million new jobs by 2030. Immigrants have made positive contributions to Florida’s economic growth, fueling Florida’s entrepreneurial spirit, creating jobs, diversifying our economy and have provided global competitive advantages that have helped make Florida a recognized international business center.

Decades of unsuccessful immigration policy has created an environment for positive change. The Florida Chamber believes Congress and the administration should work in a bipartisan effort to provide clear direction and leadership for the hard working, law abiding, established individuals in our communities under the DACA program. However, we do not support illegal immigration or a pathway to citizenship for convicted felons.

The Florida Chamber supports an earned pathway to citizenship for immigrants that pass criminal background checks as well as supports policies that reduce illegal immigration and improve on border security.




The Facts Are Clear:

  • There are approximately 800,000 DACA individuals.
  • In Florida, voters overwhelmingly support – by 82 percent – allowing DACA recipients to remain in the United States.
  • Regarding citizenship, 85 percent of Democrats, 75 percent of Independents (NPAs,) and 59 percent of Republicans support a pathway to citizenship.


The Florida Chamber stands ready to work with you and the administration toward a constructive solution that is in the best interest of Florida and the nation’s economy.