Trump Administration Toughens Tules on Business and Travel to Cuba

New rules became effective on Thursday, November 9th

Americans will be banned from doing business with 180 entities tied to the Cuban military and intelligence and security services, including an extensive list of hotels, stores, marinas, tourist agencies, industries and even two rum makers owned by the government. U.S. companies will also be banned from investing in the Mariel Special Economic Development Zone.

This new policy is a partial rollback of the Obama Administration’s Cuba policy.  Travel is still permitted but restricted and the new rules target mainly economic activity.  The U.S. still maintains an economic embargo against Cuba that prohibits travel for tourism purposes.  Obama-era rules expanded visa categories for travel to Cuba and allowed for U.S. travelers to book flights online and secure a visa prior to going to Cuba.  Now, travelers need to be accompanied by a U.S.-based tour guide who is required to ensure that travelers are engaged in approved activities.

Direct flights and cruises to Cuba have not been eliminated.

To see press release from the State Department click here:

Florida Chamber Statement on Potential Post-Embargo Cuba Relationship

CONTACT: Edie Ousley, 850-521-1231 or 850-251-6261


TALLAHASSEE, FL. (December 18, 2014) – The Florida Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mark Wilson today issued the following statement regarding steps to normalize relations with Cuba:

“When our nation’s leaders talk about normalizing relations with Cuba, all eyes turn to Florida. No state has been, or will be, as impacted by U.S./Cuba policy as Florida. We are very disappointed that President Obama took these actions without consulting key stakeholders in the one state impacted the most by this issue.

“Unfortunately, we do not know what conversations took place between President Obama and the Cuban dictator. We are hopeful that democracy, freedom and free enterprise were discussed and will be the basis of any further discussions regarding an eventual post-embargo relationship.

“The Florida Chamber has a long-standing position opposing normalizing relations with Cuba, and as long as there is a dictator that won’t recognize democracy, freedom and free enterprise as a path toward a better life for its people, our position will remain the same.”



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