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Hurricane Irma – Resources for Small Businesses

Florida’s small businesses are the backbone of the state’s economy, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce is committed to being your partner before, during and after Hurricane Irma. We’re prepared to help ensure you, your business and your employees are protected, and that your business can get back up and running after Irma’s impact.

Resources to Help You

As your partner, below is a list of resources available to help ensure you and your employees are prepared for the storm and have the ability to get back on your feet after the storm:

    For businesses and families, get real time updates from Here you will have access to the latest information before, during and after the storm – information gathered from our coordination with the state EOC.
    Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for additional real time updates.
    Just as we would share the latest legislative, political or important economic data points with you, we’ll tap into our vast grassroots network to direct the latest news and information on Irma your way.
    Scams are unfortunate and not acceptable, and we’re committed to making sure you’re aware. In fact, one scam we know homeowners will be targeted with is called AOB – Assignment of Benefits. Learn how to protect yourself by watching this short video. Be on the lookout for more Consumer Alerts.

Digital Disaster Preparedness

Is your business prepared to weather the storm? Do you have back up services to protect your email systems from disaster? If not, the Florida Chamber of Commerce recommends AppRiver. They have activated their FREE Digital Disaster Preparedness Service to ensure that your email servers remain up and running in the event of a disaster. The Florida Chamber uses AppRiver and encourages you to have a backup system in place. For more information, click here.

Consumer Alert: Beware of Insurance Scams

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> JOIN the Florida Chamber’s Consumer Protection Coalition and sign the petition seeking a legislative solution to this scam.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce and its Consumer Protection Coalition urge you to be on the lookout for unscrupulous home repair vendors and trial attorneys that try to profit off the disaster by asking you to sign an Assignment of Benefits (AOB). Remember, consumers do not need to sign an AOB to get storm-related repairs.


Post-Hurricane Hermine Consumer Alert


Why This Matters

Property insurance premiums are increasing across Florida and AOB is to blame. The government-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. has recommended an average rate increase of 6.8 percent statewide for residential policies next year to offset an explosion in non-weather-related water loss claims. Here’s what the Palm Beach Post said last week: Florida water scam is soaking consumers, must be plugged.