Florida Chamber Endorses Five Pro-Business, Pro-Jobs Candidates for the Florida Senate

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (July 13, 2016) – The Florida Chamber of Commerce today announces five candidate endorsements in competitive races for the Florida Senate.

Today’s latest round of endorsements is part of a larger Florida Chamber effort to help elect pro-jobs, pro-business candidates that support private-sector job creation and economic growth.

“Each day, we are reminded how effective leadership that focuses on the long-term can be for our state,” said Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Operations for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “We believe that each candidate we endorse will ensure the long-term needs of Florida’s families and small businesses are placed before short-term political fixes and special interest agendas.”

Candidates endorsed today for the Florida Senate include:

Endorsed incumbent candidates were evaluated on numerous factors, including their historical grades on the Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card. Additionally, the Florida Chamber Political Institute (FCPI) has hosted candidate interview sessions across Florida – interviewing more than 100 non-incumbent candidates.

Floridians can learn more about each candidate, key election dates and polling locations by visiting www.FloridaWins.org.

Additional endorsements are forthcoming.


Political Insiders Look to the Florida Chamber Political Institute

“The political institute is to politics what a telescope is to an astronomer- it is a tool to help us provide in-depth, non-partisan research and analysis so that we can find the best candidates to help the business community.”

When it comes to securing Florida’s future, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Fighting for free enterprise and focusing on policies that support jobs and strong families is the Florida Chamber’s mission. Beyond the legislative battles in Tallahassee or Washington, pro-jobs policies need champions, and that is why we engage in elections.

Our engagement efforts begin by electing pro-biz, pro-jobs candidates chosen by the Florida Chamber Political Institute’s (FCPI) rigorous candidate interview sessions — one of Florida’s most thorough and well-respected pro-business candidate review processes.

But why exactly are candidate interviews so important to Florida’s legislative process?

“It’s really all about the dialogue,” said Bjorklund. “When we get in the interview process, we are able to talk with these candidates and find out what their plans are to change Florida and how they are going to help Florida and we give them the opportunity to show us how business can play a role in that.”

And to FCPI Chair Bjorklund, being a member of FCPI is all about being informed.

“To me, it’s all about access and it’s all about information,” said Bjorklund. “As a member of the Political Institute, you have access to these candidates, which you otherwise may not be able to go see. This year is going to be a very, very populated election season…trying to manage logistically meeting these people and finding out who are going to be the best ones to serves Florida, just simply is impossible. Through the institute, we allow folks the chance to meet these folks and find the ones that are best suited to serve in office.”


Learn Where Candidates Stand on the Issues


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Visit www.FloridaWins.org for non-partisan news and information about the elections, as well as a complete list of candidates on November’s ballot.

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Get Involved:

Visit www.FloridaWins.org for non-partisan news and information about the elections, as well as a complete list of candidates on November’s ballot.