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Swimming Towards a Great Recovery!

Ridgway, a baby bottlenose dolphin that was rescued beneath Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach last year, is making a swimmingly good recovery at SeaWorld Orlando. The youngster recently hit a significant recovery milestone and was moved to our dolphin nursery pool after months of rehabilitation and round-the-clock care. Ridgway will now be able to socialize with other calves his age, bond with adult females, and learn how to be a dolphin!

Clearwater Marine Aquarium experts initially rescued Ridgway after onlookers spotted the cetacean in dire condition and suffering significant damage to his tail after being entangled in crab trap lines. Coordinating closely with federal and state wildlife officials, Ridgway was transported to our facility, where he immediately began receiving specialized veterinary care. Since then, Ridgway has made momentous progress and is on his way to adulthood.

To learn more about Ridgway’s recovery journey and our commitment to animal care, read here.

Senior Animal Care Specialist Nicholas Ricci with Ridgway, the bottlenose dolphin rescued July 20 off Clearwater Beach. (Photo Courtesy of Bill DeYoung)

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