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Swimming into Shark Territory: SeaWorld Welcomes Endangered Shark

Last month, we welcomed Dutch, a critically endangered great hammerhead shark, to our 700,000-gallon aquarium in Orlando. As the largest species of hammerhead shark, Dutch is currently about 7 feet long and expected to reach 10-15 feet!

Dutch was transferred from Georgia Aquarium as part of a collaborative effort to care for threatened and endangered shark species in accredited zoos and aquariums. Commercial fishing and fin trade pose a significant threat to the species, and experts estimate great hammerhead shark populations have declined 50-80 percent.

While under our care, Dutch will help educate guests about the essential role apex predators play in their natural environment and why they need to be protected. Dutch will also inspire the next generation of shark conservationists.

To learn more about Dutch and how he’s adjusting to his new environment, watch here.

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