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Small Business Spotlight – Cindy Zimmerman of SS Designs

Have a Conversation with Cindy Zimmerman, President & CEO of SS Designs

What does your business do?
SS Designs is a woman-owned, second-generation custom apparel company specializing in designing and decorating quality Softline products. Our customers consist of international corporations, theme parks, destination events, retail and restaurant chains, financial institutions, automotive companies and more. With our large-scale production infrastructure, established global distribution channels and trendsetting in-house creative department, we partner with customers across the world to help build brands and bottom lines through apparel programs.
What’s your biggest concern as a small business owner/operator?
While the past two years have been challenging, we have made time to make improvements in many aspects of our business that have made us better, more efficient and effective – which I am grateful for. Our biggest concerns are the following:

• Labor issues – Trying to manage waves of business with fewer employees and attracting, training and retaining new employees for the season ahead
• Managing the unpredictability of COVID as it specifically relates to labor, supply chain, and its impacts on key customers’ industries
• Diversifying and expanding our customer base in a COVID environment is a constant focus and push
• Staying competitive as a domestic manufacturing operation in the global marketplace

Tell us why you joined the Small Business Council and what you would say to other business leaders about the benefit and value of this council.
SS Designs is proud to have been a member for of the Florida Chamber of Commerce for over 30 years. We have identified target organizations in which to invest more time in order to build new relationships in Florida, including the Florida Chamber. We recently joined the Small Business Chamber to learn from the experience and expertise of other business leaders in our state who are navigating the same issues we are. Knowing how the Florida Chamber is working with our government leaders to create a business environment that is productive for small business owners gives us good insight for making decisions about how to position our company for the future.

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