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Small Business Spotlight: Tim Delay, JAX LNG

What does your business do? JAX LNG went into service in 2018 and is a small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility located on the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, FL. It employs about 15 people, with the benefits of being a small facility associated with a larger company. We currently have a liquefaction capacity of 120,000 gallons per day and on-site storage of two million gallons, though we have an expansion project nearing completion that will double the storage and triple liquefaction. With both marine-loading and on-road capabilities, we are able to provide LNG to diverse industries, including power generation, trucking, marine, aerospace and industrial markets. Notably, we are the long-term LNG supplier to the world’s first two LNG dual-fuel container vessels operated by TOTE Maritime. These container ships service Puerto Rico regularly and are able to do so in a cleaner, more sustainable way thanks to the LNG fuel from our facility.

What’s your biggest concern as a small business owner? The demand for LNG is forecast to rise dramatically over the next several years, much of it from the marine sector where ships are converting to LNG fuel or new ships are being built that will run on LNG. So today, we’re focused on how best to position ourselves so we can support as many customers in the future as possible.

Tell us why you joined the Small Business Council and what you would say to other business leaders about the benefit and value of this council. We joined the Small Business Council to better connect to the business community and to stay engaged on issues and policies that may have an impact on Florida businesses. We’re grateful for the important work that the Florida Chamber of Commerce does and the many events and valuable resources they offer.

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