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Small Business Spotlight: Scott Zimmerman, AGPM – A Green Property Manager

Have a Conversation with Scott Zimmerman, President of AGPM – A Green Property Manager

What does your business do? Multifamily Housing – We specialize in the acquisition of general partnership and investor limited partnership, mostly affordably apartment communities with some conventional communities consisting of approximately 6000 units. We also specialize in the acquisition of debt secured by distressed rental apartment communities. We previously served as SEC-registered investment advisors in real estate.

What’s your biggest concern as a small business owner? Our biggest current concern today is the inability to obtain proper liability insurance and the large increases in general liability, property, auto and health insurance.

Tell us why you joined the Small Business Council and what you would say to other business leaders about the benefit and value of this council. We joined to participate in the common goal of business owners in creating and maintaining a positive productive business environment in Florida. The combined resources and talents of many businesses working thru the Florida Chamber are Great!

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