Small Business Council


The Florida Chamber recognizes that small business is big business. The Small Business Council is comprised of small business members of the Florida Chamber committed to being the voice of small business in growing Florida’s diverse and innovation economy. While issues like taxes, regulation, and insurance impact all businesses, small business especially struggle in areas like access to capital and knowledge of key tools and resources available for business growth. The Small Business Council will tackle these issues and educate members on issues that impact their business, while empowering members to engage on these issues at the local, state and federal levels.


“Entrepreneurs and small business are the foundation of Florida’s economy…creating jobs, encouraging innovation and generating diverse opportunities in every community. The Florida Chamber, as THE voice for Florida Business, places particular emphasis on our state’s small business needs and supports initiatives to sustain their healthy future,” said GLENDA HOOD, Founding Partner, triSect, Florida Chamber Board Member and Small Business Council Chair.

Members of the Small Business Council have many unique opportunities, including:

  • Monthly updates on jobs numbers and issues facing small business
  • Quarterly surveys that track and gauge small business needs
  • Advocating for legislation that benefits small business
  • Access to state leaders, including the Florida Cabinet, legislators and agency heads
  • Exclusive networking opportunities at Florida Chamber annual events

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