Sign the Petition to OPPOSE the So-Called “Energy Choice” Amendment

As you know, Florida’s Constitution is one of the most easily amended in the country, which allows special interest groups to bypass the traditional checks on vetting policy and jump straight to the ballot. Numerous groups are vying for the 2020 general election ballot, including a front group named “Citizens for Energy Choices.” That organization has filed a ballot measure that seeks to separate energy production from energy distribution, and force the sale of Florida’s energy infrastructure to out-of-state companies. 

Yes, I stand with the Florida Chamber to OPPOSE the So-Called “Energy Choice” Amendment.

Petition: Oppose So-Called "Energy Choice Amendment"

The Florida Chamber opposes this proposed amendment to the constitution because:

  • This measure will increase the cost of living and doing business in Florida. The Florida Chamber commissioned an independent financial analysis on the amendment by the firm Charles River Associations. That study shows that the constitutional proposal will increase costs to state and local government by at least $1.2 billion annually, which means less funding for vital local services including fire departments and first responders, and likely higher taxes for consumers and local businesses.
  • This measure will increase uncertainty. If other states’ experience is any guide, this proposal will increase instability and uncertainty in Florida’s electrical grid and pricing. The Florida Chamber has compiled many of these studies here
  • This measure is a false promise. What proponents don’t want you to know is that the so-called “choice” being offered in this proposal likely does not include the right to keep your current electricity provider.  Investor-owned power providers like Duke, FPL and TECO, which service approximately 4 out of 5 Florida ratepayers, will be barred from generating power under this proposal.
  • This measure does not belong in the Florida Constitution. The Florida Chamber believes that the Florida Constitution is our state’s foundational document and should not be the avenue for policymaking that is better left to statute. If a policy can be enacted through the legislative process or existing rule, the Florida Chamber will oppose that policy being added to our foundational document as a near-permanent constitutional amendment.
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