Transportation Cornerstone Florida (1999)

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The Florida Chamber Foundation commissioned Cambridge Systematics, Inc., to prepare a goods-to-market study focusing on the impact transportation has on Florida’s businesses within three economic clusters: trade, tourism, and high technology.  This project was created to provide a credible, pro-active business strategy for future transportation investments. We hope the Transportation Cornerstone recommendations will serve as a catalyst for providing solutions for Florida’s businesses.

We believe this report offers strategies for businesses and state decision-makers to make sound investments in the transportation infrastructure to meet the needs of the 21st century economy.

The strategies recommended include:

  • Focus on trade corridors and international gateways;
  • Link transportation and technology;
  • Link transportation planning to economic development priorities; and
  • Develop an action plan for  statewide transportation investment.

As Chairs of the Transportation Task Force and the Research Committee, we cannot say enough about the participation of our fellow task force members and the commitment of the Cambridge Systematics project team.  We take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the Transportation Task Force members and to the many others who contributed their time, ideas, and expertise to this effort.

We present the Transportation Cornerstone report to Florida’s business leadership, to key public policy-makers, and to all of Florida’s decision-makers. We encourage you to consider and respond to our belief that a key to Florida’s economic competitiveness is an efficient, intermodal transportation system.

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