New Cornerstone (2003)

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In 1989, the Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation, with the support of public and private organizations statewide, released Cornerstone: Foundations for Economic Leadership. This groundbreaking study defined a blueprint for Florida’s economic growth and development during the 1990s, and recommended strategiesfor enhancing Florida’s competitiveness in global markets. Over the
past 14 years, Cornerstone guided the state’s public and private decision-makers in shaping Florida’s progress in economic development, tax and regulatory structures, education, international trade
and investment, and transportation. Notable initiatives that grew out of the Cornerstone initiative include the following:

  • Creation of Enterprise Florida, Inc. as a public-private partnership to oversee the state’s economic development functions;
  • Establishment of the Foundation’s WorldClass education partnership to increase business involvement in Florida’s school system;
  • Implementation of strategies for enhancing international trade and foreign direct investment, as recommended in the Foundation’s International Cornerstone study; and
  • Implementation of strategies for strengthening Florida’s transportation system, as recommended in the Foundation’s Transportation Cornerstone study.

As the new century dawns, it is an appropriate time for the leadership of Florida’s government and business institutions to reconsider the original Cornerstone blueprint and define a new set of strategies to guide the state over the next decade. The New Cornerstone initiative will build upon these previous studies and point toward a new direction for Florida in the 21st century economy. The study will produce
the following:

  • A vision for Florida’s economy in the early part of the 21st century, including the industries with the greatest growth opportunities;
  • Strategies to support Florida’s economic foundations, including areas such as human resources, technology, finance, infrastructure, and quality of life, to achieve these opportunities; and
  • Action initiatives to implement these strategies and ensure Florida’s economic future
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