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Port Canaveral Expands EV Charging Infrastructure With Fast-Charging Options

Port Canaveral, in collaboration with Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), will introduce six cutting-edge FPL EVolution®Level 3 fast charging stations to offer expanded opportunities to charge electric vehicles at the Port. The new stations will be installed in the Port’s Cove District parking lot offering easy access and more convenience for EV owners/operators. According to FPL, Level 3 stations, renowned as the fastest chargers available today, boost the capability to fully charge most electric vehicles within a one-hour timeframe.

The Port Canaveral-FPL EV fast charging agreement, recently approved by the Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners, aligns with Port Canaveral’s commitment to environmental stewardship while maintaining its status as one of the world’s busiest cruise ports experiencing continuous growth.

“We’re delighted to incorporate these charging stations into the publicly accessible infrastructure at Port Canaveral,” stated Port Canaveral CEO Capt. John Murray. “This initiative underscores our commitment to provide our guests and visitors with a high-quality customer experience while at the Port.”

Port Canaveral’s Senior Director of Environmental, Bob Musser, explained the project expands the number of EV charging stations available at Port Canaveral and will address the longstanding interest of Port visitors, cruise guests and Cove District business patrons in having convenient access to premium charging stations while at the Port.

“For a few years, we’ve noticed growing interest from Port visitors who operate electric vehicles. These stations will offer the option to ‘top off’ the charge before hitting the road after enjoying our Port,” explained Musser.

The six new charging stations, including one compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, are projected to be fully operational in less than a year with potential plans for additional charging stations in the future.

The introduction of functional Level 3 charging stations at Port Canaveral is particularly significant for Brevard County, where such facilities are limited. These stations offer a significantly faster charging experience – up to fifteen times faster than the more commonly used Level 2 charging stations.

“This initiative to install fast chargers is an opportunity for the Port to meet the needs of the growing population of EV drivers in our state and continue to create awareness for the benefits of going electric,” said Martinez. “We’re excited to work with the Port to bring convenient, fast charging to guests and patrons.”

The new FPL EVolution®fast chargers at Port Canaveral will join a network of more than 100 public fast charging locations FPL offers EV drivers across the state.

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