Florida is Open for Business

Businesses Large and Small are Welcome to Florida

As the economy rebounds from the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Florida Chamber of Commerce is encouraging employers to make the move to Florida with its new “Open for Business” campaign. Recent trends show major employers and corporations are considering relocating employees and operations from high-cost states like New York and California to high value locations with a low-cost of living. Florida is a prime location for consideration with its competitive offerings and pro-business, pro-jobs climate. 

Constantly ranked one of the best states for business, Florida is committed to keeping regulatory requirements and business taxes low. That, along with a strong economy and zero personal state income tax, makes it a better state to do business.

10 Reasons Employers Are Moving to Florida...

1. Size of the Economy

17th Largest in the World

....if Florida were a country. We're growing to the 10th largest!
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2. Growing Population & Economy

More than 4 million residents expected by 2030

Income is moving to Florida with $1.2M in wealth relocating to Florida every hour.
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3. Top-Quality Education

Florida is ranked among the top 5 states

...in the nation for its education system, fostering the best talent to prepare Florida's workforce.
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4. Lower Taxes

Florida has NO state income tax

...and is ranked 4th in the nation for its business tax climate.
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5. Job Creation & Diversity

More than 1 out of every 11 jobs created in the U.S.

...since 2015 were created in Florida.
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6. Infrastructure

Florida is a Top State for Infrastructure

...thanks to six straight years of $10B in state transportation and infrastructure funding.
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7. Accessability

Florida is a Gateway to Emerging Markets

...in the Americas and for international trade moving through the Panama Canal.
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8. Growing Business is a Priority

Florida is a right to work state

...with a government committed to regulatory certainty.
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9. Fiscal Stability

Unlike New York, Illinois and California

...Florida is currently ranked 2nd in the nation for fiscal stability, resulting in a AAA bond rating.
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10. Quality of Life

Florida is known for great weather, recreation and culture

...while offering an affordable cost of living. Say goodbye to cold winters; Miami’s average temperature in December is 76 degrees.
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