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New Florida Prosperity Project Advisory Board Member No Kid Hungry is in the Path to Prosperity Spotlight

Interviewee: Sky Beard, Florida Director, No Kid Hungry

Tell us a little about No Kid Hungry.

No Kid Hungry is a campaign of Share Our Strength, a national non-profit. No Kid Hungry Florida is a grantor, a resource for best practices, a collaborative partner, and an advocate for policies that increase access to food for children utilizing a variety of communication strategies to amplify issues around food insecurity and child hunger. No Kid Hungry Florida has granted over $10 million to schools and community-based organizations in Florida since the start of the pandemic and continues to identify ways to support communities that are helping connect kids and families to food.

What made No Kid Hungry join the Florida Prosperity Project Advisory Board?

No Kid Hungry Florida has long admired the work of the Florida Chamber Foundation and its work on the Florida Prosperity Project. After attending several summits and participating in discussions in larger conference settings, it was time to invest our time and resources deeper and engage in a more meaningful way. The team believes that by joining the Florida Prosperity Project Advisory Board and being part of the solution-focused discussions happening with this impactful group of leaders, we can truly make a difference in the lives of Florida’s children.

What root cause(s) of poverty is No Kid Hungry focused on?

Though focusing on food security as a root cause of poverty is most clearly aligned with our mission, we recognize how interconnected many of the root causes are. In addition to food security, No Kid Hungry Florida also has a genuine interest in addressing additional root causes of poverty that are related to food security such as health and transportation.

Tell us about any projects you have launched and/or currently have in the works to advance prosperity in Florida.

In addition to our continued efforts to provide grants to schools and community-based organizations, the No Kid Hungry Florida team is investing additional resources to support programming and partnerships in rural communities. The challenges that rural communities face when trying to feed kids and families are unique and significant. We know that additional resources and support can help address some of those barriers and No Kid Hungry Florida has invested in furthering partnerships between school districts and community organizations to identify innovative solutions in rural communities. That work will continue to expand during the upcoming year, and we look forward to identifying additional partnerships that could further support that important work.

What would you say is the business case for Florida businesses/institutions to get involved with tackling generational poverty in their neighborhoods across Florida?

Local businesses know their local communities. Business leaders are connectors and sources of new, innovative ideas. The voice and perspective of the business community is incredibly valuable when considering possible solutions to tackling generational poverty. When communities are strong, businesses thrive.

Is there anything else you would like to add in regards to the importance of joining the fight against childhood poverty and securing the path to prosperity for our youngest Floridians?

None of us can do this work alone. The root causes of poverty and related issues are intertwined, complicated, but solvable. This work is too important to not prioritize at the local and state level. No Kid Hungry Florida looks forward to being an engaged, active partner in this inspiring work.

Click here to learn about the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida Prosperity Project that is uniting Florida businesses for good around the Florida 2030 Blueprint goal of cutting Florida childhood poverty in half by 2030 and ensuring 100% have a pathway out.

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