Florida Workers’ Comp Rates Could Spiral In Wrong Direction

For more than 10 years, the Florida Chamber has led efforts to help lower workers’ comp rates by almost 60 percent. In 2003, when Florida’s rates were the second highest in the country, a united business community joined with the Florida Chamber in successfully urging elected leaders to address cost drivers like outrageous, higher-than-the-national-average plaintiff lawyer fees. As a result, both injured workers and job creators benefited. Injured workers continued to receive access to quality care and the court system, while job creators experienced the benefits of cost controls and reining in of attorney fees.

Yet at this moment, three cases are before Florida’s Supreme Court which could significantly alter Florida’s currently low workers’ comp rates. Listen below to the Florida Chamber’s latest Series on Free Enterprise, where Florida Chamber President and CEO Mark Wilson addresses Florida’s current workers’ comp situation and how the Supreme Court’s pending cases could send rates spiraling in the wrong direction.


Keep Florida’s Workers’ Comp Working

Ten years ago, it took the combined strength of the Florida Chamber, the Florida Legislature and the business community to change Florida’s workers’ comp climate for the better. The same rings true today- we need your voice to help ensure workers’ comp rates stay low and Florida’s employees and employers remain protected. Contact us today and see how you can join our efforts to keep Florida’s workers’ comp working.

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