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Join Us for the Unveiling of the Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 Study

Doug Davidson presenting at a Florida Chamber Foundation event.

By: Doug Davidson, Market Executive, Bank of America; Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 Chair

Over the past six months, it has been my privilege to serve as chair of the Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 research project, also known as TL 2030. This important project is all about making Florida more globally competitive to keep us on the right path to becoming a top 10 global economy. We know that global markets will be one of the eight key drivers of change through 2030. Our vision – creating a trade, logistics and manufacturing system to secure Florida’s spot in the top ten.

Over these months, we have worked with John Kaliski and his research team at Cambridge Systematics, and a dedicated group of investors on this project. In addition to our Investor Task Force meetings, we have hosted several webinars with key stakeholders from companies that have a vested interest in TL 2030. Cambridge Systematics, our TL 2030 report-lead, also interviewed dozens of businesses and conducted survey research to engage business leaders from trade, logistics, and manufacturing industries across the state.

The Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 Study, the official research report, will analyze emerging trends, opportunities and challenges facing Florida, and identify policies and strategies to ensure another decade of growth. The framework for the proposed strategies will be Florida’s six pillars and the study will address the following questions:

        1. How do we position Florida manufacturing to take advantage of growing global markets and changing supply chains, all while adding 200,000 manufacturing jobs by 2030?
        2. With e-commerce experiencing nearly a decade of growth in a matter of weeks in 2020, how do we position Florida for continued leadership in this market?
        3. As we emerge from the Pandemic, how can we restore Florida’s growth in international visitors and expand global markets for Florida’s services?
        4. How do we continue to attract global investment, innovation, and talent to Florida?

I invite you to join me and the Investor Task Force for the official rollout of the Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 Study, April 28th at the Foundation’s Florida Transportation, Growth & Infrastructure Solution Summit in Jacksonville. REGISTER HERE> to join us for this very important conversation on securing the future of Florida’s infrastructure!

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