Florida Workforce Needs Survey 2.0

Help the Florida Chamber Foundation Shape the Future of Florida’s Workforce by Taking our Ten Minute Skills Gaps Survey Today

In order for Florida to be successful in creating and strengthening access to high-quality career pathways
, we must gain deeper insight into what employers are doing to provide on-the-job training and ensure Florida develops a new quality of opportunity-driven career and technical policy framework that aligns with academic programs.

Last year, the Florida Chamber Foundation released the 2021 Florida Workforce Needs Study which provided a deep dive into the impacts of COVID-19 on Florida’s industries and talent. This year, we will be releasing a follow-up research effort, the Florida Workforce Needs Study 2.0. This two-year research program will further examine the lasting impacts of COVID-19 and provide insight into how Florida businesses and educational institutions can partner to advance the hard and soft skills needed to narrow Florida’s workforce skills gaps and improve our talent pipeline.

We want to continue to engage with you to understand your company’s evolving workforce needs and how we can work collectively as a business community to secure Florida’s talent. Throughout the duration of our research period, you will receive a quarterly survey which will help provide the baseline for this important study. A stronger talent pipeline, will build a stronger Florida. Let’s learn from each other. Please take 10 minutes to participate in the Florida Workforce Needs Study – Survey Part Two: “A Deeper Look Into Desired Skill Sets and Workforce Development,” below.

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