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Florida Chamber Foundation Unveils 2023 Florida Business & Economic Mid-Year Report

First edition of annual report on economic headwinds and tailwinds for business

Today, the Florida Chamber Foundation released its 2023 Florida Business & Economic Mid-Year Reporta mid-year analysis of the local and national economic trends impacting the way Florida does business. This first edition will be followed by annual editions to keep Florida businesses in the know about Florida’s economic headwinds and tailwinds, serving as a level set to propel them through the remainder of each year and towards 2030.

The 2023 mid-year report covers where Florida stands with seven key economic drivers that are currently playing a significant role in the strength of Florida’s businesses, communities, and 2030 trajectory:

  1. Population Influx/Changing Demographics
  2. State of K-12 Education
  3. Workforce & Career Development
  4. Industry Impact on Florida’s GDP
  5. Tech & Innovation Economy
  6. Housing & Real Estate
  7. Global Connections

In addition to data and analysis on these economic drivers, the report also gives Florida leaders insight into what to watch for. View the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2023 Florida Business & Economic Mid-Year Report HERE.


About The Florida Chamber Foundation

The Florida Chamber Foundation is the business-led, solutions development and research organization working in partnership with state business leaders to make Florida even more competitive and secure Florida’s future. The Foundation’s “Six Pillars” serve as a visioning platform for developing the first-ever, long-term strategic plan for the state. The Foundation’s work focuses on: 1) Talent Supply and Education, 2) Innovation and Economic Development, 3) Infrastructure and Growth Leadership, 4) Business Climate and Competitiveness, 5) Civic and Governance Systems, and 6) Quality of Life and Quality Places. Founded in 1968, the Foundation is a crucial voice for improving the state’s pro-business climate to enable Florida to grow and prosper. Visit  for more information.

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