FL 2030 Benchmarks

FL 2030 Trailblazer Spotlight

Tell us about your business.

St. Petersburg College’s business is to change lives one student at a time. We are focused on educating and training our students for sustainable employment and are currently ranked #1 among state colleges in entry-level salaries for our graduates (over $51,000). We are accomplishing this in a comfortable environment that thrives on equity, diversity and inclusion.

What made you join the Florida Chamber Foundation Board of Trustees and what would you say to other business leaders about the benefit and value of this relationship?

It was my desire to help shape Florida’s future and the goals of the Florida Chamber Foundation aligned with my goals for St. Petersburg College. I wanted us to be a part of the action and not a bystander on the sidelines. I would encourage others to bring their ideas and ingenuity to this Board to take advantage of the experience and expertise we can offer and will enthusiastically share.

Click here to learn about the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Board of Trustees who are working together to steer Florida towards long-term solutions.

What are your particular goals/areas of interest as they apply to reaching the Florida 2030 Blueprint Goals?

Working with more than 50 regional partners – local school districts, the University of South Florida, businesses, community organizations and city and county governments – we are offering clear, timely and precise paths to credentials and degrees, which will increase Florida’s talent pool for businesses and industries in our state. This is needed for Florida to thrive.  In addition, we intend to share resources, spaces and energy to ensure the safety of our water supply, diminish beach erosion, protect our marine life and prohibit catastrophic events in the Gulf of Mexico, our bays and canals.

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