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FL 2030 Trailblazer Spotlight – Michael Hageloh, Indian River State College Foundation

Tell us a little about Indian River State College (IRSC) Foundation.

The Indian River State College Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a Florida not-for-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively to receive, hold, invest and administer property and to make expenditures to, or for, the benefit of Indian River State College (IRSC). Now that’s the legalese. What the Foundation does day-in-and-day-out is provide resources to IRSC so the College can deliver on its mission:

“We take anybody from anywhere and help them achieve their God-given ability.”—Dr. Timothy Moore, President of IRSC.

Daily, we interact with donors, philanthropists, and corporations, connecting them to the College’s programs. Examples of the work we do every day: provide low-cost student housing, scholarships, and endowments for facility renewals; construct new facilities and faculty endowments; build unique corporate training programs; and deliver on the strategic plans of the IRSC Foundation board and the IRSC District Board of Trustees. We are currently executing on our goal to reach $300,000,000 in assets. Assets that change lives and better Florida today and in the future.

Why did IRSC Foundation join the Florida Chamber Foundation Community Development Partnership/Board of Trustees, and what are you most excited about with these new relationships?

It’s simple. We want to expand our reach and offer our services to a broader audience. Higher education is the future of business, and we see the value in joining an organization leading Florida’s future. We also love your data!

What are IRSC Foundation’s particular goals /areas of interest as it applies to reaching the Florida 2030 Blueprint goals designed to make Florida a top 10 global economy by 2030?

As the leading education workforce brand in the State, our keen interest is in supporting jobs through education. IRSC is not your typical higher education institution; it is a market leader because of the business approach to education led by our President, Dr. Timothy Moore. Underlying the Florida 2030 Blueprint is skills training. We are the most flexible, innovative, and affordable—market-driven—provider for reskilling, upskilling, or adapt-skilling in the State. Regardless of the modality, IRSC and the IRSC Foundation are prepared to partner with business. IRSC is an unparalleled higher education experience and an Adobe Creative Campus, Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner, Wolfram Technology Computational Thinking College. We are the education partner of choice for a reason, and we support Florida’s 2030 Blueprint because we are in the future business.

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