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Find hurricane experts organized by specialty on UF’s new Hurricane Hub

The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season begins Thursday, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting a “near normal” season this year – which is still a cause for concern, experts say.

Hurricanes and their devastating effects cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage each year, lead to loss of life, and wreak havoc on communities. In the face of this threat, the University of Florida has emerged as a leader in advancing the science of hurricanes, increasing our understanding of these powerful storms and developing innovative solutions to help mitigate their impact. The University of Florida Hurricane Hub is a collection of information, including research, news, tips for citizens, and a list of experts available to provide insight to members of the media.

Featured experts include:

  • David Prevatt, a structural engineer who studies how residential structures perform in high wind events.
  • Katy Serafin, who researches extreme sea levels, coastal flooding and erosion hazards to better understand how our coastlines are changing.
  • Jonathan Crane, a tropic-fruit expert who studies how hurricanes affect Florida agriculture and damage fruit crops and grove infrastructure.

A comprehensive list of hurricane experts with individual contact information is conveniently located on the site, along with links to the latest emergency and storm preparation resources from UF and the State of Florida and highlights from UF faculty working to improve hurricane forecasting, preparation, recovery and many other effects.

Visit the UF Hurricane Hub and the Hurricane Experts throughout the 2023 hurricane season.

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