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Experts available to provide commentary and perspective on the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine

Politics in Russia and Ukraine

An associate professor in the department of political science, Bryon Moraski’s research and teaching focus on political institutions and elections. He has authored “Party Politics in Russia and Ukraine,” “The Regional Roots of Russia’s Political Regime” and “Elections by Design,” which examined Russia’s legislative electoral systems following the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Impact of war on children in Ukraine

Darlene Kertes is a scholar and expert on the impact of stress and trauma on human health and development. She says the experiences of the war in Ukraine will have a greater impact on children than adults because they are processing the trauma in a way that they are learning from it. As a daughter of war refugees from that part of the world, Kertes has an intimate understanding of the traumatic effects of war.


Supply chain disruptions from the war

Asoo Vakharia, an expert in supply chains, can share data on how the Russia-Ukraine war has disrupted supply chains around the world. He can discuss how the major exports of the two countries have declined and which countries have been reliant on grain, natural gas and other products from Russia and Ukraine in the past and how they are handling shortages now. Vakharia can also share how the U.S. is responding to supply chain disruptions from the war.



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