Ending the Reign of Terror Caused by Billboard Trial Lawyers Who Advertise on TV!

If you want to help us end the reign of terror caused by frivolous lawsuits, enter your email, phone number and company here:

SIGN-UP: Help End the Reign of Terror

We are in the middle of the 2020 legislative session and we still have time to get those pesky lawyers out of your pockets.  In fact, billboard trial lawyers cost Florida families, on average, an extra $4,442 per year and companies like yours significantly more.  There are several bills in the Florida House and Senate that are causing personal injury lawyers to come unglued. 

We Have a Real Chance to Get Long-Needed, Meaningful Reform in Our Tort and Legal System 

We have a real chance to move the ball and swing the pendulum in favor of common sense. We’re asking you to provide resources so we can hopefully finish the job we’ve started, and make Florida’s legal climate better, fairer and more competitive for everyone.  

If you’re willing to invest in our efforts, click here.

Time is Ticking! 

Governor DeSantis and many leaders of the legislature stood with us at a press conference calling for reforms.  This simply might be our best chance ever to get the reform we’ve all been waiting for – so please don’t wait!  Join our team and get in the game!

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