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Chamber Insider Spotlight: Chromalloy

For over 70 years, Chromalloy’s solutions have safely and reliably extended the economic life of aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. We are the world’s leading independent supplier of alternative engine parts and repairs for jet engines. Our mission is to engineer solutions that reduce the cost of engine and turbine ownership for our customers.

Chromalloy has locations across the globe – in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Thailand – but a full quarter of our 4,000-person workforce is located in Florida. Our headquarters and Engineering Center are in Palm Beach Gardens. We also have manufacturing facilities in Tampa and Oldsmar, and an engine and parts trading facility in Fort Lauderdale.

What is one thing Floridians may not know about your industry?

A specific engine (or gas turbine) platform has a long production phase of 15-20 years and an even longer in-service phase of 20-30 years for each engine. Thus, the life cycle of an engine platform (from when the first engine goes into service until the last engine is retired) typically runs 40-50 years. These engines are expensive to maintain, requiring a full overhaul or restoration about every five to seven years. This is where independent parts and repair providers, like Chromalloy deliver value to our customers and the industry. Independent providers complement the original equipment provider by increasing supply chain robustness and improving the economics of aging engines (or turbines) in service. Simply put, independent parts and repair providers help to make flight and electrical power generation more economical through FAA-certified, cost-advantaged solutions.

What is one opportunity and one challenge your industry is facing?

COVID-19 had a tremendous impact on our industry as airline traffic plummeted around the globe. We are now experiencing rapid, double-digit growth. This places pressure on all aspects of the aviation infrastructure from airports and security, to new aircraft supply and maintenance of aircraft. For maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft and engines, the industry is experiencing shortages in highly skilled positions (machinist, welders, technicians, equipment maintenance, etc.) as well as advanced engineering roles.

What is one way we can unite to help grow your industry in Florida?

As a global technology company, Chromalloy is working on advanced technologies and innovations for aircraft engines and gas turbines. With one of the largest aerospace and aviation marketplaces in the U.S., we must work together to provide Florida’s workforce with the education, skills and capabilities that translate into meaningful and successful career opportunities — while helping the aerospace industry continue to thrive in our state.

About Chromalloy
Chromalloy provides the airline industry with a broad range of aftermarket services and ranks as the leading independent supplier of advanced repairs and solutions for jet engine parts. Chromalloy operates around the world and around the clock, focusing on quality and safety while providing airlines with timely, cost-effective, and proven repairs for turbine airfoils and other critical engine parts – repairs that extend the life of the parts and drive down engine maintenance costs. Chromalloy also serves the industrial and gas turbine market, as well as the military market. For additional information, visit

Brian Costa, CEO & President




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