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Chamber Insider Spotlight: Boeing

Emmanuel Tormes serves as the Senior Manager Government Operations at Boeing. Boeing is a member of the Florida Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors, a group of leading companies in Florida committed to securing Florida’s Future.

1. What is one thing Floridians may not know about your industry?

Florida is truly at the epicenter of all things aviation and aerospace. Industry throughout the state engages in every aspect of flight. For instance, Boeing’s efforts and presence include the Starliner factory at Kennedy Space Center, which is the first commercial spacecraft to be built in Florida; a Training Solutions campus in Virginia Gardens that in 2022 provided over 15,000 air crew members full-flight and computer-based training;  Boeing Distribution Services, Inc. in Hialeah, the largest distribution network in the aerospace industry; the Boeing Jacksonville and Fort Walton Beach modification sites for U.S. Navy and Air Force platforms, among others. The impact of the industry is extensive, having an effect on all of us. Chances are that the next time you fly in a Boeing plane, your pilot has trained in Florida!

2. What is one opportunity and one challenge your industry is facing?

Global demand in the commercial aviation sector is driving accelerated growth in the aerospace industry, resulting in greater need for service provision and component repair, without mentioning airplane manufacturing. Florida is ideally positioned to serve as the supply hub for the sector with its many companies engaging all aspects of manufacturing, modification, and repair. In like manner on the space front, Florida is preparing to serve as Earth’s bridge to the moon (and eventually Mars) as an essential part of NASA’s Artemis program, launched on the Being-built Space Launch System. The supply chain and development opportunities established in our state will be foundational for the sustainment of human habitation on celestial bodies beyond our planet. To meet these needs, workforce development continues to be of great importance as the next generation of employees is readied for the missions ahead. The need for workforce in the sector is great: Boeing is hiring at its locations throughout the state (many of those positions to be located at the new Boeing Jacksonville Modification, Repair, and Overhaul facility). It is the same case for other companies. Boeing projects that between 2022 and 2041, over 610,000 technicians will be needed to fill demand in the industry. Approximately 900,000 cabin crew will be required. These needs provide an opportunity for the state to continue progressing as a leader in this sector.

3. What is one way we can unite to help grow your industry in Florida?

Promoting the development of STEM education and careers, as well as highlighting the current civil, defense, and space training and research efforts allows Florida to grow in its primary role for this sector in the country. As the aerospace sector continues to increase global connectivity and accessibility to space, Florida is well positioned to prepare the next generation of aerospace workers, facilitate the growth of small businesses that will support advancements, and develop more aerospace manufacturing of platforms that will fly and launch right from our own backyard. It is a win for all Floridians!

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