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In 2018, Florida welcomed more than 127 million visitors. Florida continues to be one of the top travel destinations, with visitor spending in 2017 exceeding $88 billion.

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Politics, Practicality, Price: Across Florida, Rural students put off by perceived weaknesses of higher education

Rural students are far less likely than urban and suburban peers to go to college, and the divide is growing deeper in places across Florida. If they do go, rural students are less likely to choose four-year universities, and they’re more likely to drop out. Many hail from deep-red counties in the economic lurch — the same places where, in major polls, people say they’re disillusioned with higher education..

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The Florida Chamber Foundation’s mission is to help guide Florida toward a future economy that includes high-paying jobs, global competitiveness and vibrant and sustainable communities. As we look towards 2030 and strive to keep Florida moving in the right direction, Florida’s community livability – our sense of place and community – is an important economic asset.

Achieving global leadership will occur only if Florida is successful at maintaining its quality of life and strengthening the diversity of its workforce. Florida’s communities – whether urban centers or rural areas – will remain competitive based not just on their business climate and industry mix, but also on their ability to develop, attract, and retain the increasingly diverse, mobile workers who will drive the economy of the future.

As we strive to create and sustain quality places for people to live, work, raise a family, learn, play, and grow a business, key priorities include:

  • Continuing to protect and strengthen Florida’s position as a place for diversity, inclusion, and the ability for all populations and ages to prosper, and
  • Preserving, enhancing, and growing the value of Florida’s natural, artistic, cultural, and historically significant resources, leveraging them as world-class differentiators.

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