Florida’s Legal Climate is Ranked 46th Worst in the Nation


Florida ranks poorly across most measures of legal fairness, including treatment of class action lawsuits, damages, discovery, and impartiality.

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Florida’s legal climate is ranked 46th in the nation.

For information on Florida’s business climate, visit www.TheFloridaScorecard.org.

December 2017

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Florida takes No. 1 spot on ‘Judicial Hellholes’ list
Florida Politics

Florida takes the top spot among the states in more than a few lists, but it earned a “distinction” from the American Tort Reform Association which said the Sunshine State was the No. 1 “Judicial Hellhole” in the country.

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To ensure Florida’s economy remains competitive we must address Florida’s broken legal climate. For Florida to remain a leader in U.S. job creation and ensure that dated and costly regulations become a thing of the past, we must continue to build an environment that invites businesses and investments worldwide, as well as retaining Florida’s already growing businesses.

Florida continues to fail in terms of legal climate — coming in at 46 of 50 in 2017. When lawsuit abuse occurs, Florida families and
businesses feel the impact through higher costs of living creating a $3,400 “tax” for families each year. Florida’s position as one of the bottom-five legal climates in the U.S. hurts our ability to remain competitive in the global marketplace.


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American Tort Reform Foundation
– Judicial Hellholes 2017-2018

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