CAUCUS: Environmental Issues

Florida’s Economy Wins with Florida Chamber-Backed, Pro-Jobs Policy Passed this Legislative Session

Florida’s Legislative Session by the Numbers: More than 3,140 Bills and PCBs filed, 275 Bills passed both chambers First ever…

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90% of Floridians Rely on Ground Water Resources for Drinking Water

    Ninety percent of this Florida’s population relies on ground water resources for their drinking water. Additionally, over 50%…

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Environmental Issues News That Matters to You

  Get More Environmental Issues News   Current News DEP to Suspend $12 Million in Community Water Infrastructure Loan Payments…

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A Guide to Environmental Issues

  Learn More About Environmental Issues   Join a Caucus   Florida boasts a large and diverse workforce, global connections, and…

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Get Involved

  Securing Florida’s Future Includes You The Florida Chamber Foundation leads the state in future-focused research and continues to be a…

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