Seven Percent of Floridians Do Not Have Access to High Quality Broadband Service



In Florida, 7 percent of residents do not have access to high quality broadband service. However, 4 percent of Floridians living in urban settings do not have access to high speed telecommunications compared to 29 percent of rural populations.

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Report: 96% of public schools have adequate internet for digital learning

For more than 44 million students — or in 96% of public schools — high-speed internet connections make digital learning possible, Education Week reports, citing a report from broadband advocacy nonprofit EducationSuperHighway.

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Florida is the 3rd largest state by population and the 17th largest economy in the world. As we look toward 2030, we must plan effectively for our next 5 million
residents by addressing needs for additional jobs, housing, transportation, water, energy, and other services. We also must prepare for a future marked by disruption and uncertainty.

Innovation and technology are reshaping almost every aspect of our economy—and the pace of change is accelerating. Digital commerce, sensors, automation,
artificial intelligence, and advanced materials are creating new capabilities for many industries. An explosion in connectivity is magnifying the impacts of these changes.

For Florida to continue to be successful, we must continue to modernize our infrastructure to provide connectivity needed to speed talent, goods, services, and ideas to market. The infrastructure of the future must include high-speed digital connectivity for all communities in the state; expanded choices for moving people both within and between our regions; global connectivity for goods, data, and ideas; and reliable access to a diverse portfolio of energy resources.

An efficient and connected communications systems will:

  • Ensure all Floridians and visitors have access to high-speed internet, state of the art mobile technologies, and other communications advancements.
  • Ensure high-speed connectivity to key global markets.
  • Introduce and develop Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technology within state, regional, and local infrastructure.
  • Initiate private/public partnerships to maintain and enhance Florida’s communications infrastructure.

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Federal Communications Commission, National Broadband Map, 2017


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