CAUCUS: Civic Infrastructure

Florida Chamber Foundation Launches Statewide Florida Trade and Logistics Study 2030

TALLAHASSEE, FL (July 21, 2021)— It is time to set the course for Florida’s continued leadership in trade, logistics, and…

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Civic Infrastructure Stats

    Only 19.1 percent of Florida residents report participating in volunteer activities, placing Florida in 50th place nationally. For…

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Civic Infrastructure News That Matters to You

  Get More Civic Infrastructure News   Volunteerism and US Civil Society Social scientists have long noted that volunteerism plays…

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A Guide to Civic Infrastructure Issues

  Learn More About Civic Infrastructure Issues   Join a Caucus   A number of factors influence Florida’s civic infrastructure. Florida…

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Get Involved

  Securing Florida’s Future Includes You The Florida Chamber Foundation leads the state in future-focused research and continues to be a…

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