BREAKING NEWS: Florida Childhood Poverty Down Under 738K

By: Kyle Baltuch, SVP of Equality of Opportunity, Florida Chamber Foundation

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The Florida Chamber Foundation is uniting the business community behind a bold stance: childhood poverty is one of the greatest economic challenges we face, and if not combated, it will impact not only the economic well-being of Florida’s residents but also Florida’s future economic growth. Let’s make this a business issue.

Since then, the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida Prosperity Project, a Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative program, has led a movement to unite the business, civic, and philanthropic community to ensure every child in Florida has a pathway to prosperity. To help Florida leaders spearhead the effort, the Florida Prosperity Project created the Florida Model, highlighting the 10 root causes of poverty and the path to prosperity to eradicate them – one zip code at a time. That effort is continuing to pay off.

Today, the American Census Survey (ACS) released updated childhood poverty figures and current data shows that 737,567 Florida children are living in poverty, down 220,799 since 2015, the launch of our Florida Prosperity Project. This progress is a testament to the tireless efforts of Florida’s business community and leaders; we are trending in the right direction.

Our team of researchers at the Florida Chamber Foundation has already analyzed the new data and we want to share a high-level overview below:

Overall Poverty:

  • Highest: Hardee County, 28.5%
  • Lowest: Wakulla County, 6.1%

Childhood Poverty:

  • Highest: Franklin County, 50.1%
  • Wakulla: 6.8%

Florida Under 5 Poverty Rate: 19.3% 

Florida Overall Minority Poverty Rates: 

  • White: 10.7%
  • Black or African American: 20.0%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native: 19.0%
  • Asian: 10.5%
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 12.4%
  • Hispanic: 15.5%

Yes, we are moving the needle. However, children in Florida still need our unwavering support and commitment. Thanks to the leadership of our Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative Advisory Board members and companies like yours, we are well on our way to achieving our Florida 2030 Blueprint goal of cutting Florida’s childhood poverty in half by 2030 and ensuring 100% have a pathway out.

Visit to see your specific county-level poverty metrics and The Florida Gap Map for metrics by zip code. We appreciate your continued partnership as we work to ensure every child has equal opportunities at earned success.

Your Florida Business Peers Are Uniting on the Path to Prosperity in Coral Springs, May 2024

The conversation continues on ending generational poverty in Florida at our 2024 Florida Prosperity & Economic Opportunity Solution Summit on May 23 in Coral Springs, and I hope you will join me as we discuss the ten root causes of poverty and ways to eradicate them down to the zip code in Florida. As we take a deep dive into the business case for tackling this crisis, every Florida business and community leader should be in the room. Florida’s children are your future workforce. If you haven’t already, please be sure to register yourself and appropriate team members to join us, in person or virtually, for the conversations that matter to securing the path to prosperity in Florida.

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Together, we can tackle the systemic barriers to opportunity and end childhood poverty in Florida – one zip code at a time.

Looking forward to connecting with you again soon on the path to prosperity!



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