FL 2030 Benchmarks

A Vision for Making Florida the Safest, Healthiest and Most Sustainable State in America

ORLANDO, FLA. – Katie Yeutter during the 2022 Annual Southeastern Leadership Conference on Safety, Health + Sustainability.

If you turn on the news or read the headlines, more than likely, you’re going to hear bad news. We’re dealing with the mental health aftermath of an unprecedented global pandemic. There’s a prescription drug epidemic, mass shootings, and so on. At the Florida Chamber of Commerce, we’re committed to being an incubator for solutions rather than pointing out the problems. That’s why we’re bringing the best and the brightest together to create a movement to make Florida the national standard as the safest, healthiest, and most sustainable state in America. And it starts with you, the individual. If we can inspire and educate you, you’ll take that back to your company and community, and together we’ll create an impact. The whole is the sum of the parts.

The Leadership Conference on Safety, Health + Sustainability is a two-day event where we’ve intentionally curated the most impressive keynote and breakout speakers to reflect our vision and create the outcomes we need to move this mission forward. You won’t find a more impressive lineup of visionary leaders and companies. Period. We’re not looking to become the biggest, but we will be the best. It’s all about bringing people together to learn and support each other as we do the hard things.

It’s world-class education, with a little fun, to connect and build relationships. Our workforce is our most precious asset. Help us protect it by joining the movement to help Florida become the go-to resource and national standard for safety, health, and sustainability leadership. REGISTER HERE> to join us May 11-12. When registering, be sure to use code LOYALTY23 for $49 off regular conference registration.

For resources your business can use right now to make your employees safer and healthier, and operations more sustainable, visit FLChamberSafety.com. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando.


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