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Small Business Council Spotlight: Jayson Meyer, Synergy Billing

What does your business do?
Synergy Billing is one of several companies that I own. The others include Fountainhead Developers and WorkSmartMD. Synergy Billing was founded in 2006 to provide complete revenue cycle management for non-profit Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs.) We have clients across the nation. In 2021, we returned more than $74 million to our clients through our services.
What’s your biggest concern as a small business owner?
Certainly, finding talent. We have found that “growing our own” professional revenue cycle specialists is our most effective way to maintain our pipeline of amazing Synergists. To that end, we have established the Synergy Career Academy.
Tell us why you joined the Small Business Council and what you would say to other business leaders about the benefit and value of this council. 
Through the Council, small business owners are able to share best practices and advocate for our companies.
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