2019 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Mark Wilson Remarks

September 18, 2019

Thank you, Harold, and thank you to our partners at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Institute for Legal Reform.

Making America more competitive is something we have in common and we believe Florida should lead the way.

We all know Florida is one of America’s top business climates – a strong economy and job creation numbers that outpace the national average.

Yet, we also know that for Florida to become even more competitive, we must fix our broken, expensive and unfair legal system that’s holding Florida back.

I’m honored to have Governor DeSantis here with us today, as well as leaders from the Florida Legislature and our partners in Florida’s business community.

Governor DeSantis is second to none when it comes to making Florida more competitive, and Governor DeSantis and legislative leaders are the real warriors that are taking on lawsuit abuse in Florida.

Today’s ranking does not account for the very recent meaningful reforms, or the Governor’s appointments. But what the ranking does reflect is decades of lawsuit abuse. Lawsuit abuse that makes Florida more expensive and less competitive.

Florida’s bottom five legal climate reflects its past, not its future.

All of us standing here today have declared war on Florida’s poor lawsuit climate. We need to move Florida from the bottom 5 to the top 10 and We look forward to standing here with Governor DeSantis and the legislature in two years to demonstrate Florida’s positive momentum.

Thank you

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