Business Climate & Competitiveness

Owners and executives making decisions about where they call home evaluate Florida’s attractiveness in respect to its competitiveness across a host of business climate factors. We should too. First, the good news. According to Florida TaxWatch, Florida ranks highly in measures of business climate owing to the absence of a personal income tax; its openness and growth in international trade; and its general hospitableness to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Unfortunately, Florida ranks poorly owing to high business costs, especially property tax burdens, state and local sales, excise and gross receipt tax burdens and general business costs. Vigilance in monitoring our position is critical to anticipating policy changes that secure our position among the most business-friendly climates in the world.

Areas of focus for the Business Climate & Competitiveness Pillar include:
  • Risk Management
  • Taxation
  • Legal Reform
  • Regulation
  • Property Rights
Legislative issues associated with this Pillar include:

To track the progress and regress on key issues within the Business Climate & Competitiveness Pillar, visit The Florida Scorecard.

Strategic Plan

The Business Climate & Competitiveness Caucus is charged with developing goals, strategies and tactics within the areas of Risk Management, Taxation, Legal Reform, Regulation, Property Rights for the first-ever, statewide strategic plan for the State of Florida. The latest iteration of the Six Pillars 20-year Strategic Plan and the work of the Business Climate & Competitiveness Caucus can be viewed here.

To become involved in the visionary discussions related to this Pillar via the Six Pillars Caucus System collaborative website, e-mail for an invitation.

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