Where We Stand

2014 Competitiveness Agenda Focuses on
Creating Opportunities for Floridians

As we look at Florida’s economic horizon, it’s clear that our state is making significant strides. More and more Floridians are getting back to work, our population is growing, education reforms are working and Florida’s business climate is improving. But Florida can and should do more to create long-term solutions that will strengthen Florida’s economy through private-sector job creation. As the recognized voice of Florida’s job creators, the Florida Chamber’s agenda for jobs will help make Florida even more competitive and allow free enterprise to lead the way.

The Florida Chamber’s 2014 Where We Stand is a blueprint of legislative priorities developed with input from our members, local chambers of commerce, partner associations, foundation research and unfinished business from last year. These priorities help make Florida more competitive and create opportunity for Floridians.



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To secure Florida’s future, we must:

  • Champion education reforms for a globally competitive talent pipeline,
  • Strengthen global trade and manufacturing and adopt the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Trade and Logistics 2.0 Report recommendations,
  • Fight for a more competitive business climate, including lawsuit abuse reform,
  • Create viable and sustainable solutions for future transportation, energy and water needs,
  • Push toward innovations that encourage government to create an environment that fosters private-sector job growth, and
  • Address changing healthcare demographics to ensure a sound quality of life.

The Florida Chamber’s agenda for jobs provides you, your employees and your elected officials with the criteria for the Florida Chamber’s annual How They Voted Legislative Report Card, which is published at the conclusion of each year’s legislative session. With the Legislative Report Card, business leaders are able to track how individual legislators voted on business priorities, their overall support FOR or AGAINST job creation and where they stand on securing Florida’s future.

When you engage and take action, the Florida Chamber wins and Florida wins.


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