Instead of saving for their retirement or their child’s college education, Florida families are paying approximately $3,400 each year in lawsuit abuse taxes
Instead of saving for their retirement or their child’s college education, Florida families are paying approximately $3,400 each year in lawsuit abuse taxes

Coalition for Legal Reform

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Florida is one of the worst states in the nation for lawsuits; in fact, Florida ranks in the bottom 10 in the nation regarding legal climate- a reputation that does nothing to attract new businesses or give existing business owners the confidence they need to grow their business, make investment or increase their workforce.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Coalition for Legal Reform supports four common sense legal reforms which, if enacted, would improve Florida’s competitiveness and restore justice to families, consumers and small businesses.

  • Eliminating junk science in our state courts and adopt the standard used in all federal courts and throughout the Southeast.
  • Adopting common sense accuracy-in-damages provisions that will allow juries a clearer picture of true medical costs when deciding current and future medical damage awards in injury cases.
  • Passing a Fair Settlement Act that forces insurance companies and trial lawyers to play by one clear set of rules in injury cases.
  • Strengthening Florida’s medical liability laws to ensure a fair balance in which injured patients are protected, while at the same time medical professionals are spared from predatory lawsuits that lead to higher health care costs for everyone.

National studies also show Florida families and businesses are paying a “lawsuit-abuse tax” that totals a staggering $2.8 billion. Florida could grow its economy by as much as 2 percent simply by saying no to the powerful trial lawyers and eliminating this tax by making our laws more fair and predictable.

Only one group likes the status quo — the plaintiff trial lawyers, who reap huge paydays in the current system.

Florida’s legal climate means as substantial economic drain for our state, which translates into:

  • $15 billion in total tort taxes,
  • A loss of 58,000 to 160,000 jobs, and
  • An average family of four having to pay more than $3,400 in frivolous lawsuit taxes instead of saving that money towards college or retirement.

Florida’s future begins with free enterprise. A healthy free enterprise system necessitates that the business community unite behind practical, workable and sound strategies to address the needs of our state now and 20 years from now. The Florida Chamber’s Coalition for Legal Reform advocates a fair legal system in which businesses and plaintiff trial lawyers have a clear set of rules and are forced to play by those rules. When lawyers win at the expense of taxpayers and consumers, it’s time to act.

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