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Two Orphaned Manatees Receiving Around-the-Clock Care at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando has been rescuing and rehabilitating sick, injured and orphaned endangered manatees since 1976.

In July, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported 866 manatee deaths throughout the state mainly due to a drastic decline in species’ food supply brought on by a toxic algae bloom. Unfortunately, the stark increase in deaths has also meant an increase in the number of orphaned manatee calves.

As one of four federally permitted facilities, SeaWorld Orlando’s dedicated team has been working around-the-clock to care for newly admitted orphans, including bottle feedings every three hours. Currently weighing in at 70 pounds, these two youngsters will need to reach 600 pounds before returning to native waters.

To learn more about our rescue team and how veterinary experts are caring for orphaned manatee calves, watch here.

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