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Florida electrical lineworkers got a shoutout from TECO this week as part of “National Lineworker Appreciation Day.”

“Time and time again, the lineworkers at Tampa Electric stand ready to repair lines and restore power to Floridians after disaster strikes. And we are no stranger to natural disasters. As hurricane season approaches, let lineworkers across our state know how appreciated and valued they are by thanking them on your social media channels,” TECO said in a statement.

As the name portends, April 18 is a day of thanks for those who handle the nitty-gritty of keeping the electrical grid online.

Lineworkers have several roles, including substation electricians, network specialists, meter mechanics, streetlight repair and more. Even when there is no storm or hurricane, lineworkers toil daily with high-voltage electric lines while strapped in high above the ground. And if a storm does hit, many of them head to the front lines — even if that means leaving their home state.

The power pros clock in every day, so if you have a chance this National Lineworker Appreciation Day — or any day — a ‘thank you’ is always appreciated. Just use #ThankALineman on social media to ensure they see it.


*Originally published by Florida Politics

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