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President Sasse announces strategic funding awardees

An expansion of outdoor wireless connectivity on campus, a program using augmented reality for certifying new teachers, a neurotechnology lab, astrobiology experiments, and a “Gulf Scholars” program are among 19 new projects receiving strategic funding through a program aimed at advancing the student experience and interdisciplinary scholarship at the University of Florida, UF President Ben Sasse announced today.

“When we asked campus leadership to come up with their best ideas for how to use this money, they jumped in with both feet,” Sasse said. “These round-one proposals can do some incredible things. I’m excited to hear from these units as they roll up their sleeves and get moving. This was the first round of our strategic funding process, and I’m tremendously proud of how UF is putting these dollars to work. These are wins for our students, for our faculty, and for our state. The University of Florida is moving forward.”

After UF received $130 million in new funding from the State Legislature this year, Sasse established that, for the first time, more than half of the new funding must be demonstrably used for strategic purposes. $24 million has been delivered to deans directly to report back on their strategic uses of funds, and another $50 million will be made available across all the University of Florida’s colleges and administrative units to submit proposals for how the money can be best spent. Today, the first round awarded $9.2 million to projects across UF.

The university received 163 submissions. The first round of awardees will receive funding immediately. A second group of submissions has been identified as potentially worthy of funding but requiring more study and will receive a preliminary feasibility study. A third group of proposals is being deferred until the second round of awardees is announced in November.

Winning proposals were selected based on their impact to student experience and research productivity. They require one-time, short-term investment – roughly one year. Awarded proposals are also high priority as ranked by the requesting college or unit and impact a broad set of colleges or units. All colleges will participate in a strategic funding investment.

The first-round winners are:

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