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Member Spotlight: Jacobs Engineering Group

What does your business do in Florida?
Jacobs is a global solutions-provider with a local footprint in Florida. We’ve got over 4,000 multidisciplinary staff in more than a dozen offices and client locations from Miami to the Panhandle. In short, we partner with our clients to solve the world’s most critical problems for thriving cities, resilient environments, mission-critical outcomes, operational advancement, scientific discovery, and cutting-edge manufacturing. With a global talent force of 55,000 employees, we’ve had a strong and enduring presence in Florida for more than 50 years.

How would you like to see Florida’s infrastructure improve by 2030?
Florida’s infrastructure needs to be more resilient, to be able to respond to natural, societal, and economic risks — to mitigate the extremes that can negatively impact Florida’s fantastic way of life. But becoming resilient means much more than minimizing the impacts of climate change, extreme weather, and natural disasters…it’s also dealing with urbanization, supply chain, regulations, health, and cybersecurity threats so public entities and private citizens are safe and secure. We incorporate resilience in all that we do, and we innovate early to design outcomes that have a positive impact on underrepresented communities and sensitive natural environments.

Do you have any projects or advancements in progress you would like to highlight?
We start with “what if” to surface new possibilities and harness deep technical expertise to bring bold solutions to fruition. Clients rely on Jacobs to be strategic and practical; to help them save money while being innovative; and to be environmentally sensitive and understanding of community concerns when delivering crucial infrastructure projects. We measure our success by the sustainable outcomes we achieve for the clients and communities we serve, with a fierce commitment to improve the spaces we inhabit.
We transform intangible ideas into intelligent, technology-driven experiences that improve speed and efficiency, while reducing resource impacts and ultimately enhancing returns on investments.

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