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Meet Marcus Williams: An Orlando 8th Grader Fighting For Our Planet

Marcus Williams, an eighth-grader at Westridge Middle School, is a founding member of Eco Club, a project started in 2016 with the mission of educating students about marine life, agriculture, conservation and the natural world.

Since its inception, Eco Club has been partnering with SeaWorld Orlando in various ways including growing more than 1,000 heads of lettuce for our manatee recovery program and maintaining an on-campus apiary to raise honeybees and produce honey for our Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. This program is just one part of the 40-year partnership SeaWorld Orlando has had with Orange County Public Schools.

SeaWorld Orlando couldn’t be more proud to be partnering with Eco Club and students like Marcus who are inspiring the next generation of leaders about the importance of environmental conservation. To learn more about the ongoing partnership, watch here.

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