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In The News: State Needs to Adapt


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The Florida Chamber Foundation is traveling the state, releasing the preliminary recommendations from Florida 2030- Florida’s blueprint for 2030 and beyond. Earlier this month, your Chamber Foundation team was in Jacksonville, discussing the importance of quality of life, collaborating at the speed of innovation and more.

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Florida Chamber: State needs to adapt

Florida’s population will continue to explode, technology will disrupt every industry and the best and brightest residents will leave for better opportunities unless the state works cohesively to prepare for its future.

That was the message of a Florida Chamber Foundation “Florida 2030” workshop Monday. “Florida 2030” is designed as a blueprint for attracting and retaining talent, pursuing innovative ideas to diversify the economy and educating the workforce in a rapidly changing job market because of technological advances.

Tony Carvajal, executive vice president for the foundation, said Florida has seen robust growth compared to the rest of the country, accounting for 1 out of 11 jobs created nationally since the Great Recession about a decade ago.

The state is estimated to grow to 26 million citizens by 2030, an increase of about 5 million from today, and 1.7 million new jobs will be needed to sustain that growth.

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